Transistor - Update v1.26267 (CODEX)

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Игра: Transistor

Версия: 1.26267

Релиз-группа: CODEX

Защита: Steam


Update v.1.26267


- Fixed an audio-related start-up crash some players were running into.

- Fixed an issue with save files with very high elapsed times.

Update v.1.26255

- Optimization: Z-buffering improves performance on some lower-end graphics cards

- Optimization: single OpenGL context improves performance on some AMD cards

- Fixed two situations where players could get stuck with some function loadouts

- Fixed an issue where a Highrise elevator could disappear when backtracking

- Fixed an issue where Tap() would not always affect Youngladies as expected

- Fixed an issue where Bike exhaust flames would not always appear as expected


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