[UPDATE] Divinity: Original Sin - Update v1.0.53 (Eng) - RELOADED

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Игра: Divinity: Original Sin

Версия: Update v1.0.53

Поддерживаемые языки: Eng

Релиз-группа: RELOADED

Защита: Steam

Требуемая версия: любая




Update 1.0.53

- Fix for wrong alignments (this should also fix existing save games). This for instance solves the problems with the bone totem in the Luculla Mines.

- Local chat is auto-enabled

- Greatly reduced memory usage for Win32 systems. This should lead to more stability.

- Fixed crash when a destroyed item was still in the skillbar

- Fixed a rare crash on level swap

- Fixed a crash when crafting in two inventories at the same time

- Fixed a crash when disarming trap while it detonates

- Fixed a crash for fleeing while invisible

- Fixed graphical artefacts on characters on the Mac version

- Fixed low-res terrain textures

- Fixed crash in multiplayer menu

- Disabled casting a skill when another is busy

- Teleport will now ignore the teleported item for AI grid checks

- No combines anymore in the trade window

- Added Staff of Magus to all henchman

- Fixed rare crash when summoning

- Better feedback for item combinations

- Fixed fleeing with a summon

- Changed font color in dialogs for better readability

- Added missing people to the credits

Divinity Engine Toolkit changes

- Fixed some exceptions

- Fixed terrains not showing up when loading levels from the main game


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