The Banner Saga - Update v2.1.65 (RELOADED)

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Игра: The Banner Saga
Версия: v2.1.65
Релиз-группа: RELOADED
Защита: Steam
Build Number: 2.1.65

- Added SUBTITLES. Click the button with the Close Captioning 'CC' logo on the Options page.
- Added missing Kickstarter backer names to credits
- Backer Crests that missed the initial deadline have been incorporated into the game.
- Challenge Achievement can now be gained, despite Iver losing a battle to Bellower
- Fix issue where ranked up units are unable to use their rank 2 & 3 abilites after loading from a save game
- Improved video playback issues for some users
- Numpad keys are now supported for Conversation option (1,2,3,...) and continue (SPACE, ENTER) hotkeys.
- Numpad keys are now supported for combat hotkeys (1,2,3,4)
- Fixed achievement names of Eagle Eye and Siege Archer
- Dredge Slag Slinger Backoff can now trigger at most once per turn. This addresses problems when Rook's Mark Prey ability is used on a Dredge Slag Slinger when multiple allies can hit it.
- Slingers that get hit while running away will now resume running away after their damage reaction animation completes
- Silver Arrow in Bellower fight now longer requires Willpower to use
- Travel HUD no longer permanently disappears after Einartoft due to certain choices
- More supplies and renown increased throughout Chapter 6
- Nid no longer gains the incorrect number of points to spend on rank up
- Ekkill no longer appears incorrectly in certain events if he is left behind
- Iver is no longer required in the party after Einartoft when making certain choices.
- Fixed an error where Fasolt would stay with the party after Einartoft in certain branches.
- Fix issue with using left/right arrow buttons in Heroes unit details page when no units are in the party

The build number is displayed in the titlebar of the game window, and at the beginning of your log files.

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