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Версия обновления: 1.2 build 4116.4
• Требуемая версия: любая
• Таблетка: Присутствует (ALI213)
* При желании можно использовать любой другой предыдущий Crack
To get your saves back move the Profile folder from Binaries/Win32 or /Win64 to Binaries2/Win32 or /Win64
You have to start the game from Binaries2 folder

Thief Update v1.1 Build 4110.1 changelog:

- Fix for a crash after loading a new game or benchmark.
- Fix for DOF issue when peeking through keyholes.
- Fix for stereoscopic 3D inconsistencies in option menus. Forces VSync to be ON and Triple Buffering to be OFF.
- Fix for a bug where "Invert mouse X/Y” would not be saved.
- Minor UI improvements.
- Optimized memory usage.

Thief Update v1.2 Build 4116.4 changelog:

- Fixed an issue where, for some users, controller right stick would not turn the camera and controller hints would not appear.
- Fixed an issue where, for some users, the keyboard mapping menu would immediately map a key and then hang.
- Fixed an issue with the fog when SSAA was enabled that was introduced in v1.1.
- Fixed a crash when the user had 99 saves and tried to access the save menu in game.
- Added an option to the launcher configuration dialog to run the 32-bit version on a 64-bit machine. The 32-bit version has several features disabled causing it to use less memory, providing a smoother experience for users with lower spec machines. The checkbox for this option can be found in the display tab of the launcher options dialogue.
- Update: Deploy additional DLLs with the game to avoid issues with corrupt DLLs on user machines, which could cause the game to not start at all.
- Update: Moved Lockpick and Frame Search helper to the HUD menu and will now also affect mouse/keyboard.
WARNING: Disabling Frame Search helper while playing with mouse/keyboard could make it very hard, if not impossible, to find the button.
- Various performance improvements.
- Various crash fixes.

1. Запустить инсталятор и следовать его инструкции
2. При необходимости скопировать таблетку в папку с игрой
3. Играть

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